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Stronger!!! Hope in motion.

For a few weeks now at our church we’ve been unpacking the subject of HOPE.... one thing that stood out was this..... “Hope is the joyful anticipation of something good” (Said guy preacher person). We are meant to hope in good things to come.  

Another thing I’d like to borrow from the wise man at Grace Chapel is that “Faith is like the car we’re driving...Hope is the fuel we put in that car.”  We are literally fueling our life by filling our hearts with hope around every turn.  When he said that y’all I was like oh yeah babyI’m tuned in.. ...with the car talk that is..... If you haven’t read last week’s blog... life is a like the roadmetaphor....Check it out HERE...also the video

For me hope is a resting of sorts....resting in the knowledge that God’s got all the details and He’s working things out as we speak.  It might not look or feel the way you want or expect but there is a hopeful outcome ahead.

Accessing hope in a season of exuberance is an easier concept to digest.  It’s natural to possess hope and even spread it to others during a time of great success and even adventure.  Sometimes, in the midst of transition, as my story is going, or in the middle of a trial of some kind hope seems a little distant ... like a hidden treasure unearthed by that valiant hero in the fairy tale story we watched with our kids.  

Hope is certainly just as present in the dark times as it is in the light n easy seasons.  Regardless of your situation or status one can always find hope.  

I have clung to her this year long traveling journey.....road life requires a healthy dose of hope, if you were wondering. 

During this wild adventure I’ve been applying my new gift of Spoken Word and have a new one to debut.  This new word is being birthed out of my soul and has been aptly and somewhat ceremoniously named Hope. The naming of this poem came about in Orange Beach while listening to the sea rock and sway against under the dock with friends as close as family sharing my very raw first draft.  

This new piece has soul.... movement... humility....honesty...raw emotion....this real life storyline is mine all mine....but I share it with countless folks who like me have gone through hell and have come out a little tattered up but sporting a brand new perspective and incidentally fueled by hope.  Have a watch here

Where does hope come from?  At the risk of sounding preachy I gotta say the truth...the source is the One who made you you...who hung the galaxies in place, who made our complicated bodies and minds the same One who paints a beautiful picture with each sunrise, sunset and all the moment between....Every. Single. Day.  


He sent His whom I confidently put my hope set us give us HOPE!

He’s already deposited the seeds of hope in each one of us.  At times it’s like that fairy have to search for it as for hidden treasure.  

You might be going through a dark place, just know your victory lies ahead.  God is with you and He has it all working out behind the scenes.  



Grab onto it like a lifeline.  Don’t let go.  When despair tries to rear its ugly head, resist.  Fight hard.  If God be for you who can be against you?!

Hope is stronger than doubt.  

Joy is stronger than despair.  

Faith is stronger than fear.  

By far, we are stronger than our trials....our struggles....even our madness.  

This latest message of hope is for someone out there going through it right now.  Remember, you’re not alone.  Grab the hand of hope and don’t look back. 

We can get through.  

We are champions. 

We believe we’re here to change the word at a time.  

One step at a time.  

One small decision at a time.  

Thanks for reading and staying on this journey with me even though I’m no Bréne Brown.  Peace. Live Decorated!!

Love and HOPE, 


P.S.  Since I’m not an actual writer, nor have I ever wanted that title in my life, I couldn't possibly dive deep enough to cover all the facets of the hope I speak of or even paint a picture of my personal experiences. I’ve become keenly aware of my feeble attempt at shaping thoughts into a somewhat readable format that someone would actually be inspired by other words fall flat...but I hopeyou get the point.....ooooo I made a pun! 

P.S.S.  Don’t forget to pop over to the YouTube channel for some never know what you’re gonna get with this rodeo.


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