• Blu Wyatt

The air is getting heavier

The end of a year is a great time to recenter and reset our scope of sight. So I’m doing just that.

What about you?

Where are you?

Where is your mindset?

Your faith?

How about your stress level?

Your peace?

Where is your focus and attention?

Focus, for me, is a sporadically moving may sound a bit strange but I am no stranger to strangeness ... what can I say? It focus, that is. The here and now has roughly 82% of my attention at any given moment....I’m big on living smack dab in the middle of the ongoing adventure of life...fully engaged, perhaps to a fault. The rest of my attention is divided ....where are we going next? Nashville is the short answer. The long answer is not up for public remains a private matter. Bottom line is we’re trusting God to guide us on this journey of life. I do find myself asking (in the waiting) when are we moving next? Well, in fact, the air is getting heavier with these things floating around in an idea puff cloud of imagination. Or as some would say “it’s all up in the air”.

Uncertainty continues to pry its way in ... where? when? how is it possible? ... Doubt lingers in the corner ... when will my breakthrough come? am I equipped? ... then Hopeful Anticipation lights up the room ... I can do this! I got this ... I find myself walking hand in hand with these highly opinionated characters...throughout the entire process ... finding our next home ... finding myself ... learning how to shine. I can honestly say I’m channeling my anxiousness into excitement ... (better than switching to freak out mode) ... to see what all God has planned for this next year ... it’s time for confidence and hope to arise.

Rise strong

This is your day

You’ve got this

Be the light

Spread kindness even when faced with meanness.

This may shock you to be the shortest ever blog post (of mine) but I’m full of surprises. Surprise....


Blu Wyatt


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