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The Road of Transition

I try.  I stumble.  I flail.  I come up for air.  I rest.  I trust.  I smile.  I welcome the change.

I am in transition.

We all face a season of transition at some point in our lives, some more often than others.  I’ve laid out a few points of what this looks like for me, questions to ask yourself in this season, and how you can apply this to your Decorated Life.  Starting with the artist in me painting a picture with my adrenaline-junkie, law-breaking, fun-loving late father in mind.  I’d like jump into this whole ‘Life is a Road’ metaphor arena.  I think it’ll help illustrate my point of entering and passing through transition. 

Life is like one giant road trip.

...and we’re in the drivers seat of our story.

Sometimes it’s smooth sailing, top down, wind in your hair, sunshine on your face....until you find yourself at a dramatic curve in the road....shall you take this one slow and steady or see how it feels riding on two wheels at the speed of sound?  Plus a hundred other road related examples, some of which I’ve bulletted to further illustrate my point of entering into a,season of transition.

  • Stranded on the side of the road, you become the hero of your story by changing the blasted tire yourself ... with a manual and a couple YouTube videos.  (Glory to God for saving my life).

  • A pothole appeared out of nowhere taking you by surprise, knocking you slightly off course.  

  • Roughly 23 times you were nose up in a ditch .... because gravel, speed and a surprise T intersection don’t mix. Nothing chains and a big truck can’t fix. 

  • Oops....accidentally ran out of gas cause you forgot to fill up at the last stop.  (Seriously?! Again??!!!!)

  • Napping on the side of the road till the radiator cooled off enough so you could drive another hundred miles before overheating again in your old Ford truck.  (The longest 27 hour road trip known to man).

  • Rain pouring down so hard the visibility was about 0” in front of your nose....gave new meaning to the term ‘white knuckle driving’.

  • Deep fog that drove you off the road to take shelter in a roadside diner for hours on end.  Yummy food and homemade apple pie did the trick that day.

  • Landing 5 hours off the beaten path (in the opposite direction of your destination).

Getting my point? 

  • What about when you’re side swiped or broadsided.....(to mostly no fault of your own) 

  • Nearly hit head on by a Mack truck in a rainstorm of death.....(twice actually) 

  • The 827 times you’ve been stopped by a cop (not a lie)

  • 84 tickets (despite the tears)

  • 12 times in court (shockingly never arrested)

  • 9 accidents

  • One suspended license

  • and a partridge in a tree of some sort

How’s that for a real life trip down metaphor lane?!  Hope I haven’t lost you:)

Life Changes....for real! A few points of transition a person might face in their lifetime:  marriage, a baby or two or seven, divorce, an accident, applying to college, a new position, unemployment, retirement..... change change, change.... we’re all walking through some form of change.  

  • What change are you facing?  What does your road look like?

  • Try looking at it through a lense of gratitude.   Be thankful you are where you are.  You’re breathing.  Your mind is working.  You can drive another mile.

  • Know your season. Embrace your journey no matter the road construction.  Move forward fearlessly and with determination. 

Long ago, I navigated through a dark season of depression, to one of medication and rapidly into one of betrayal. This season of heartbreak gave way to a season of unexpected relocation. This massive upheaval drew me into a LONG season of wilderness. I can honestly say this was the most beautiful place to be and I wouldn’t trade it for all the riches.  I learned so much in the wilderness.

My wilderness broke forward into a season of blind adventure, the likes of which one has never beheld.   Adventure and discovery traveled side by side with failure and lack and I still came out on top.   To God be to glory!!! 

Now, in this season of wild transition, adventure has kindly curtsied to the season of mysterious explosions and exponential growth. I’m ready. I’m open. I’m listening. Nothing is as it seems. There’s a surprise behind door number “obedience” and I’m all about unwrapping it’s gift God’s timing and in His perfect way.

I have mountain moving faith. 

Not in my resume (although I am job searching currently), nor my social skills, education or training. I won’t even put my faith in my communication skills or positive attitude.  I put my faith in the God who sent me here to this pretty little corner of the world with a special plan.

We’ve traveled for nearly a year and finally settled in gorgeous Nashville, Tennessee. I had never been here before, nor had my hubs. We knew no one. Had no opportunities or connections. We just heard God leading us here for a reason unknown to us....yet.  

  • Where do you feel yourself being led?  It might not be a geographical move like ours but it may require getting yourself moving.  

  • Your location (emotionally, physically, and spiritually) has everything to do with your starting point and doesn’t for one second dictate your road conditions, finish line or even how you drive your car.

I’m not totally clueless as to why I’m called here ... a few things pop into connect, to love, to be open, to reach out, to shine my light, to bring hope, to share joy, to sow seeds, to give back, to speak, to listen, to write, to record, to share.  Whew, I’m outta breath just typing this.

  • What’s your purpose?  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just name it.  The small things, the big picture.... it all matters.

  • What do you believe in?  Where do you put your trust?  What is it founded on?  

  • Take a step closer to God....He made you, loves you, has your back and holds your future.  He’s worth getting to know

My ability to be open and receptive in this time of decorating life even through doubt and unknowing is surely saving my life.  I’m listening.  I’m acting.  I’m running my race with a smile on my face. I should make this my new Spoken Word 

  • Are you open to the change up ahead?  Are you willing to follow even if you don’t understand or agree? 

  • Don’t scoff at your season regardless of how dark or distant it will rise strong.

  • Be open to the mysterious happenings of today. Your tomorrow is unclear. Face what’s in front of you.  You can do this. It’s your story, playing out before your eyes. 

The future is so bright and bursting with joy and excitement. I can’t exactly see the details with my understanding from this vantage point but I have a vision for what the future holds.   I see it unfolding perfectly and timely.  

  • What does your vision look like?  Do you see your future self?  See yourself healthy, prosperous, joyous, and victorious.  Write it.  Read it.  Believe it. Receive it.

I’m now laying out a formal invitation to join the Decorated journey.  Ask the hard questions, my friend.   Decorate your whole world starting where you are.  His leading and power can bring forth the grandest of miracles.   Anything in this world is possible to us who believe.  Just Believe. 

Feel free to share this around your happy little garden of folks you call friends and be on the lookout Monday for the new Vlog taking this subject to another level on my YouTube channel.  Get ready.   Welcome to the unpredictable ride of a life....enjoy the Decorated journey,

Blu Wyatt 

Koko has something to add..... “God is always there with you 😍”


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