• Blu Wyatt

The ultimate road trip adventure

Driving down a winding mountainous highway...

Pouring down rain .... being passed by eighteen wheelers by the handful.

Two small boys in tow.

Minivan loaded to the gills.



Getting late.

No room at the inn. Or the hundreds of hotels you passed along the way.

Into the wee hours of the night ... jackpot.

A room.

Upon arrival, surprise, your reservation was lost. Gone.

Two hours later ... sitting in the hotel lobby. Sleep waiting behind heavy eyelids....please let us in.

This is road trip life in a nutshell. Read on.

The first Air BnB is actually conveniently located .... in the hood.

Just two blocks shy of hipster but who’s counting? You can walk everywhere even to the hair salon and grocery. You’re happy to find new white towels, a blow dryer, iron and ironing board (you had to request), coffee, condiments, laundry soap, paper towels and even new sponges.

Sure we’ll water your plants and follow your trash and recycling schedule.

Explore, ADVENTURE, investigate the surroundings. Hiking, lakes, rivers, creeks, and waterfalls of all sizes.

Move on.

Next Air BnB

In the mountains.

No towels.

Complicated laundry system.

Stunning cabin fireplace.

No instructions. A lock on the backyard fence. Leaky (like a free flowing natural spring in the bathroom) faucet.

Talk about roughing it.

Beautiful scenery...the best in the land. You focus on the adventure of things.

Move on.

Beach. Ocean waves, smells and sounds. You’re hooked. Day and night with sand between your toes. Every beach and pool toy and accessory available at your fingertips.

Pool, hot tub, games, moving room, library, sauna, gym and pool tables all at your disposal. Condo living.

Amazing ocean view.

Huge windows. No joke, Golden Girls decor.

Serve the local homeless ministry.


Everything delivers.

Traffic: only negative.

Waze takes you 12 miles out of the way down a winding dusty path

you may or may not eventually arrive at your expected destination.

Move on.

Desert. Four bedroom with a pool and Xbox. Golden. Everything new and fresh. Other than the faint scent of curry. You overlook it....take a frigid dip in the pool.

Move on.


Family. Friends. Creativity. Stinky towels.

No big thing. They just smell.

Months go by. Bounce around. Read books. Create, sell and give new art. Make memories with countless friends and spectacular family members.

Move on.

What?! Beach again?! New coast.

White sand. Chill in the February air.

No beach toys:/ minimal kitchen gadgets.

Odd living room layout but who’s judging.

Bed breaks. Towels are new and there’s a water view. Empty fridge. Dusty.

Move on.

Drive north. Cold.

New temporary stay in Air BnB.


Perfect. Pond. Countryside peacefulness. Short stay.

Candles, roaring fire...what’s for dinner?

Move on....

This could be your final Air BnB....this could be it. Home?

Well what do you know?!. This is a first. The owner still inside with every candles in the entire place lit up. Ahh how sweet! Then you notice. She is STILL cleaning the house .... doing laundry ...,and cleaning out closets and drawers. . . in a frenzy ... For 3 hours.... while you wait.....and help....and try to stay out of the way. Mess. Didn’t we pay a cleaning fee?

The fridge and freezer nearly FULL of food, alcohol, leftovers, every sauce you can imagine and even eggs and milk. As if she just decided 32 seconds ago to rent her home out for a month. Dog, kid, cats. Who’s gonna feed them? You will.

Hmmm....interesting. You give grace. Smile.

You marvel at how each Air BnB differ from one to another. No two the same. Like fingerprints. But wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where there were certain standards one upholds as an owner/operator of a housing operation. Meaning Air BnB, VRBO, and Home Away. Maybe they need to up their game to compete wth the hotel industry.

Listen to the consumer. Create a checklist of things to have for guests.

Idea: Have a gold star program... where the home has passed an inspection deeming the space worthy of the highest standards.


Of a world where every home away from home makes you feel like you’re actually home.

At this point you wouldn’t mind creating a checklist for Air BnB themselves... .you think that might help.

You await a phone call saying you got the house you’ve been waiting for. Good news. You’re ready to move. Pack it up people.

This situation is not without challenges.

No beds.

No kitchen stuff.

No linens.

No furniture.

Just a minivan filled to the gills.

New life.

God is providing everything.

It’s always ALL God anyway.

You trust.

You grin.

Your story is just beginning.

This is a short story I wrote the other day as I viewed this life from the eyes of an outsider.....hence the third person vernacular.

God bless.

Much love, Blu


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