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The wasted day that changed me

Today, we celebrate our six month anniversary!!! We left everything behind and started this wild ride in August. I won’t say it’s been an easy fact at times it’s been down right miserable. But it sure has been an adventure.

From a cornfield in Iowa to Colorado, Vegas, Oregon, all over California, Arizona, and home to Texas, and now the Alabama Coast. Here we are, toes in the sand, ready to begin a new chapter, yet again. Our book is still far from being written.

One of the main thing I’m teaching these boys is that every day is an adventure: every moment... the beach, the library, the grocery store, family game night and yes, even laundry day. It’s really all in how you look at it ..... your unique perspective on life and your specific circumstances.

Which brings me to my topic: would you call yourself an optimist? Or a pessimist?

Last week I invited you to join me on a “30-day positivity challenge”. We’re currently on day eight. After one week, I can certainly say it’s a lot more work than I thought! Being positive, even in the face of frustration, irritation, anger, disappointment, or even boredom is no easy task, I assure you.

My thinking entering into this thing: “I’m a positive person but I’ll do this to help others unleash their inner optimist.” Little did I know I’d be the one in need of a shake down.

Dang y’all. This whole positivity thing is harder than it sounds.

But since we’re all being open and honest I’d like to, from my heart .... blame it all on my family....most likely my kids! It’s probably their fault I’m grumpy! Or it could be that time of the month thing because it exists. (It couldn’t possibly be me, I’m such a positive person.)

That’s outright Bull Shitaki!!! It’s all in MY head.... MY thoughts...MY emotions....and MY decision how I’ll respond to outside events over which I have zero control.

Creating this 30 day challenge I acknowledge this is more than taking on a positive attitude, this has the potential to give us a new outlook on life. Choosing to be content with where you are, grateful for all you have and hopeful for a brighter tomorrrow. So, you see, it’s more than positivity.....but that’s where we’re starting.

Embrace gratitude, contentment, hopefulness and joy. I say this all with utter tenderness, knowing some are in a dark space. I’ve been there. I totally get it. I spent roughly 42.7% of my life under a dark cloud. I’m not numbingly telling you to “smile” or “get over it”. Your pain is real.

Perhaps because of this self inflicted challenge or my personal mission to be more real and vulnerable I have this strange urge to let you in a little. I spent all of Tuesday in my robe and slippers....literally doing nothing but watching tv in my pjs. Not throwing a pity party just down, heavy, and ultra hard on myself. My words, my thoughts, my motivation didn’t have an ounce of positivity. I tried. I remembered the challenge. I didn’t want to let you down. But I also knew there was something internally I couldn’t fix. I prayed. I read. I napped.

At 8:36 pm after an entire day of nothing....if you don’t count the messy sadness and uninvited confusion...I trashed my snotty tissues and climbed into bed with all the energy I could muster I opened up my MacBook and started redesigning my website. You see I HATE to stop, much less slow down and certainly not lie around all day moping and sobbing. It puts me in an even deeper pit if I don’t get up and move my body and exercise my mind. I’m a doer. I’m one who counts accomplishments at the end of a day to measure my self worth. Mind you, this is the old me I speak of,

However, I truly believe that drastic action is necessary to shake this funk off. I took one step forward. I had to. I knew I couldn’t do this another day. I had to get back to the business of being positive....come hell or high water. It was in that critical moment I decided I would start my tomorrow off with a plan, ain’t no way I was riding this roller coaster again.

I woke up Wednesday and immediately executed my well thought out four step plan.....I brushed my teeth, made my bed, GOT DRESSED, and even slapped on a layer of makeup. Y’all, I felt as if I had it all together. Four steps to greatness. Ha! Not really just a step in the forward direction. I didn’t trudge through my day but slightly bounded through it with a new feeling of hope. Nothing changed from yesterday ...nothing except my attitude! About life, my kids, food, my hair (oh wait, that hasn’t changed...maybe I’ll cut it again tomorrow). Anyway, I feel I’ve been given a little breathing room.

My timely attitude shift unveiled a whole new level of grace; the exact grace I rely upon to make it through and keep a joyful, grateful heart.

An attitude adjustment is what we need sometimes.

A fresh perspective. A glimmer of hope.

A birds eye view.

What about you?

How do you handle negative emotions? Words? Thoughts?

We all have them.....what do you do with yours?

What choice will you make today as you step into your future inch by glorious inch....decision upon conscience decision?

I emplore you, try it out. Start today!

The 30 day positivity challenge (for lack of better phrasing) is essentially bringing our awareness to our thoughts, words, and actions which in turn make up our habits and on a grander scale makes up our character. I probably heard all that somewhere .... nevertheless .... wisdom has arrived.

Take it.

Run with it.

I so love y’ neighbors.

Blu Wyatt


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