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There's NO comparison in this neighborhood

I resolve never to compare myself with anyone.  (Not that I always succeed at this noble endeavor)...sometimes I see an influencer looking fabulous ... doing something amazing....thriving at life....and wonder....who takes their pictures? They must have a great team....and I find myself wondering where from and when God is going to send me a team.  I compare. I preach against it....I stand firm MOST of the time but sometimes I cave.  

Number of likes, follows, comments, unfollows…….its all bogus.  I am meno matter who chimes in, approves or disapproves me.  Same with you.  It doesn’t matter a lick what those Pinterest Perfect Mama’s are doing or how lovely their house is decorated or their hair is perfectly bunned up…..or the Insta Influencers…..with their big fabulous team who love them....stop me if I’m ranting

no judge!

Their business is none of your business.  None of my business for sure!   What is your business is yourbusiness.  Stay in yourbusiness.  I’ll stay in mine! 

What matters now, for you, is what moment YOU are living in.  Be right there.  Own it….own the messiness….the chaos….the beauty….the story.  It’s all yours and yours alone.  

Neighbor…..Stay in your lane!

I like this one. I’m a runner……(yes, I’ve been saying that by faith for YEARS ... I’m ready to receive it anytime now);    I am in fact in a race. ....A race not against someone else…no that’s not it.  A race in which I’m running to win the prize marked out for me.  God’s purpose and call on my life.   

Y'all I’m still uncovering this call.  I’m still stretching my legs for the race.  I’ve seen glimpses.  Like looking through slats in a fence onto the greener grass taunting me from the other side.  Maybe not like that at all, but you get my drift, right?  

Create a Neighborhood:

I wish to create a “neighborhood” similar to Mr. Rogers’.  Don’t laugh.  I want to create a global neighborhood where people come to be encouraged, uplifted, entertained, inspired and even motivated to be the best version of themselves.’s a lifestyle.  Everyone’s welcome!  

One Big Idea: 

Here’s an idea of how I’m doing this practically and intentionally….

I’m calling all women in my area (Nashville) to come to my Thursday morning coffee hours….8-10ish at Herban Market on Franklin Road in Franklin, TN….  

If you’re not close to me then maybe consider starting this in your neck of the woods.  Pick a morning.  Ask your closest friends to chime in….what time works for the majority? Which location is easiest? How long will you be there? Which day?  Then  pick a day and time to have a weekly ladies lift up meet up.  


Ladies Lifting Each Other Up

Lifting up Ladies 🙂

Lady Power Coffee Hour?

Lady Neighbors???

Whatever you call it or don’t call it …. Its meant to be a chance to bring strong, lovely, kind, encouraging women to the table for conversation, laughter, prayer, encouragement, motivation, connection and accountability….any of the above.  There are no rules except Positivity and Kindness. Bring women you know and love together and inspire each other, love each other, share life, pray.   Whatever it looks like for YOU and your friends and neighbors.  

Each week will be a different handful of ladies, thats the point.  I NEVER want to make any lady feel obligated to come each week….there’s freedom here….the freedom to come and go….drop in for 15 just for some chat while your coffee brews before work begins or come and stay for the duration.  I will be leaving when I gotta go so there’s that but I’m committed to staying till 10 and spreading love the whole time.  :)  

Ain’t no comparison...we all beautiful and lovely as we can be!  Remember: stay in your business! 

Oh, and you’ll be getting an big new announcement soon... if we have your email address.....if you wanna be on our list just click the subscribe button from the home page and you’ll be on the list.  We can keep you in the loop.  Also, follow our Facebook group BluBerry Street and our Instagram account which we’ll be amping up in the coming weeks @bluberrystreet.

So welcome to the neighborhood.....enjoy the journey! 

We love y’all 



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