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Top 15 Spring/Summer Interior Decor Trends

So many interior design trends are circling around for the 2018 Spring/Summer season and I’d like to break it down for y’all with my favorites.  With so many options and ideas it’s up to you to decide which trend to apply to your space and which to turn a blind eye to.  If you adopt too many your house might look disjointed and confused.

I know you’re not used to me doing this but you’ll get there....soon I’ll be decorating my own home (we move in June 1–Nashville) and I’ll be adding in more decor ideas and tips as time goes be on the lookout.   New trends

in no particular order:

(all the photos came from Pinterest and have a way to link the original creator)

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1. Fabric

the two hottest fabric on trend right now are velvet and linen.  I love the idea of mixing these two in the bedroom.  A velvet bench at the end of the bed or a few pillows while all the sheets and duvet are linen. Even the curtains in linen. Heaven. There are so many different weights and textures to choose from.

2. Gold

just a splash in a room goes a long way.  It’s pretty bright and noticeable..... so don’t go overboard.  Even on kitchen hardware gold is really lighting things up.  Gold leaf is big too.  On a side note, brass fixtures are on the rise in bathrooms....the rustic, weathered brass look and it’s not going anywhere.

3. Femininity

colors and lines. pink is a big one now....more like a gelato kinda pink.....soft....creamy.... it there’s also the nearly magenta bright bold pink popping up more and more..I think this has a lot to do with the girl power, mom boss, wonder women phenomenon.  Feminine is powerful.....and calming so grab onto it. Ruffles, soft textures, candles, dimmer switches.

4. Plants

This is a new thing for the spring....if you can make things live this is a great one.  Think one large floor plant in the corner of a room makes such a statement ....not to mention it’s better for your health.  If you fear you could commit planticide multiple times over with plant after plant then perhaps you look into the fake variety....there are some great brands out there you just have to look.  

5. Color

People are ready for color....they’re tired of seeing all the insta feed with a perfect white farmhouse in valiantly neutral perfection......nothing wrong with white....but it’s time for some pops of color.  To not overdo it try to stick with one or two colors and focus on them.....however you can add several layers of color and be fine’s kinda a case by case deal. Bottom line here, don’t be afraid to add color to your’s coming in big and I assume it’ll grow from there over the next few years.....pick up any design magazine and notice color is coming back.

6. Statement Front Door

Give your house a pop of bold color for the season or the year....fall in love with color.  A door is a fun, easy, fast way to add some life to your home. Could be a sweet color like the one I pictured....or a BOLD color like a rockin' green, blue, even purple! You your imagination and remember....its just a door. It can easily be repainted next season if you find yourself 'over it'.

7. Retro Furniture

duh! This modern, clean line aesthetic has, in my opinion, never gone out of style. These clean lines is coming in big but I’d venture to say as long as you mix them well and coordinate you can use different styles of furniture and tie it all together with your color pallet. Shopping at estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores and craigslist you'll find some awesome pieces for less than you'd pay in an antique mall or the such.

Notice's an easy find in your backyard...find a vase and voila:)

8. Gallery Walls

This has always been one of my favorites but it’s coming back strong....collect photos or art or memorabilia and display them in a symmetrical, balanced yet unpredictable fashion.  This doesn’t mean perfectly measured free. Again, don't overdo it. You only need one gallery wall...keep the rest clean. Here's an example. Check pinterest for help with styling and placement if you have no idea where to start...but trust your gut and throw perfection out the window.

9. Coffee Bar Space

Coffee is the new drink.  Having a space where all the coffee stuff belongs, sugar, mugs, spoons, whatever else you might need.  It doesn’t have to be in the kitchen but that’s the best.  

Add a bookcase if need be, or bar cart, table or even open shelves on a wall.

10. Kitchen Minimalism

Don’t over clutter your kitchen counters.  A lot can be stored in the pantry or a cabinet.  Be selective with what you leave out on the counters.  You don’t want the kitchen to feel cluttered or messy.  Actually minimalism is hitting hard this year.  Hygga (pronounced “hoo-ga”) means simple living.....clear the clutter....well, it's maybe more complicated but it's my take on it.

11. 3D Wall Decor

You know I love to dress any knowing this is coming in is a sign of relief.....I’ve known it would catch on as more and more people push the boundaries of design.  Think outside the box with this one.  Try using books, keys, even beads and tapestries....Many things can be transformed into 3D wall art.

I create and sell quite a bit of art out of common objects. Often times they're heavy but if you know where you want it and you won't be moving it anytime soon there is always a safe way to hang the heavy stuff.

12. Old School Library Vibe

Isn’t this one perfect? Books galore....have you noticed them springing up? If you have a love of books this is easy for you but if you don't have anything to start with consider a thrift store (some are known for their book section) and you can pick loads up for very little mulah. Then setup a little reading area if you have space.

13. Wicker

In furniture, baskets, even dressers and’s all over.

I'd like to take a second now to say, if anything here jumps out at you or you want to dig deeper head over to Pinterest and type in any style, trend, idea, or design you can think of and there ya have it....your inspiration. I loved putting this post together for you and I'm hoping you love it too. If this isn't your thing then let me know in the comments what you'd like to see more of. Actually, wait a sec.....if this isn't your think you're most likely in the wrong place. I mean, you can follow this blog if you're just into the travel aspect of what we're doing here but soon it'll be all over the'm all up in that, friend. Remember, I'm an Interior Decorator I've just been on hiatus the past 8 months with my family traveling the states.

14. Sheer (long) Curtains

(go clear up to the ceiling) (think 96”) this can be a great way to lighten up a space for when you open the windows to see them blowing in the romantic. You certainly don't have to go this long (or double hang...its just an example) but puddling does seem to have returned to the world of current style.

15. Exciting Ceilings

This has always been a thing for me....I never think you should leave the ceiling untouched.....paint it the same as the room....or an accent color, wallpaper, ceiling medallions, stripes, anything you can imagine.  Just don’t forget this valuable’ll liven up any space.  

The link from this picture to it's original creator gives you 40 awesome ceiling ideas so click away.

There ya have it.....15 spring/summer trends for 2018 decor. Some things come in and out of style so fast you don't even have time to enjoy it before the next professional is telling you let it go and move on. I'm not here to do that to you. I only wanted to throw out some ideas to get you started thinking about freshening up your style. Do what you love. Grab what speaks to you and walk on fearlessly and unapologetically. Bless you friend.....

Ok wait.....I have a bonus trend for you...I love this one too so I couldn't edit it from the list...

Bonus: Pop of Green

This comes in various forms but I’m calling out the emerald hue to take the spotlight.  Green is a powerful color rich with life, health, growth harmony, and vitality.  It also represents finances....just a pop.  

Let me be honest here.  I’m not a trend follower.  I’m into what I’m into.  My style constantly evolves.  Now I’m into really enjoying your space with little clutter.  Less is more.  Simple design… fuss.  Most likely you have a great style going you may just need to edit a bit.  Get down to the pieces you just love then build from there. 

I could go on forever about this but I’ll have to come back.  You can also sign up to be on my mailing list by going to my website….Join the Decorated Journey.  

Love y'all,


hold tight for the YouTube video I'm doing on this very topic....


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