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Top 3 Fall Decor Tips

Change is coming

I love change and as we enter into this new season the colors around us change.  I’m sorry friends but orange, red and brown are most certainly NOT my colors nor will they be employed to decorate my home for the season.

Don’t get me wrong I love fall ... for the weather and the whole back to school deal but that pretty much sums it up.

Are you looking forward to the next season?  Do you decorate.  I know some folks who go all out, even decorating like madmen for Halloween.  Not this house!  Orange and black!? Come on now!  If you love it then don’t worry I’m not judging or snubbing you...would never.  

Here’s my color scheme for 

You’d think I’d have all my pink painted pumpkins in a row by now but NOPE! I literally just thought of doing this at 8amwhen I realized it was blog post day.....

I wanted to give fall decor tips yet have not taken any of my advice....I’ll have to catch up!

As far as good fall tips go ... I’ve come up with just a few...

Top 3 tips to enjoying a delightfully decorated fall.

Tip 1.

Simmer some yummy flavors on your stove. Cinnamon




Throw them together in a pot with water, set the burner to low....bam!  Simmering pot of goodness for all to enjoy.  

Or you could just whip up some fresh banana bread like I did yesterday.....on second thought...burning both batches wasn’t my most shining moment.  Even the house smelt burnt.   

Or for you way too busy to be goin about baking or simmering.....just get a glade plug in and call it a day.  

Or better yet, infuse some essential oils in a diffuser....that’s actually the best tip of all the seasons.

Tip 2. 

Create pretty pumpkins

Use this as a chance to “craft” with your kids if you got em. The possibilities are beautiful and creating a new holiday tradition can have remarkable results.  

You could paint....any color...  Multi colored, pink, blue, white...anything goes.  Melt crayons with a hairdryer over the top and let the streaks I did last year.

Also consider decoupaging onto the pumpkin.  Using pretty paper from the craft store or old newspapers or wrapping paper...or magazine clippings or even wallpaper.  Water down some Elmer’s and slap it on.  You could even do a wash of paint over top if you want to mute the paper effect.  

Maybe hot glue sparkly crystal looking things, add glitter or design a word or image using brass tacks.  Fun.  

You can even carve the pumpkins if you gotta have lit pumpkins on Halloween...they’ll still be perfectly decorated! 

Maybe you’re asking...Why not keep the pumpkins orange?  Fine, have at it .... I sense  you’re not up for a little adventure:). 

Tip 3. 


Since y’all know I’m all about decorated living you know I gotta jump outside the ugly box of normalness and decorate fall with Friends.  This may not quench the decor desire you have to create the perfect tablescape for fall but I assure you it is of the utmost importance. 

We all need community.  We all need to be seen and heard.  Everyone has something they’d like to talk about.  A good friend will let you talk her ear off and also give you attention to share your heart as well.  

Be relationally intentional.

We’re all so busy these days and we make 837 excuses as to why we can’t get together.  

Meet a friend for coffee an hour before you go to work.  That’s crazy, right?!  Or catch lunch....  What about a glass of wine afterwork...that sounds more like it.  Or an evening walk.....or a FaceTime after the kids go to bed....heck even a Marco Polo message could work.

The point I’m making is reach out...touch another doesn’t matter the time of day or even the activity, make it work!

Connection is key.  

Don’t lock yourself in your own world of busy, reach out. Someone on the other end may need a sit down as well.  Ask questions, listen, share, got it!

Now that I’m finished tell you what you should do this fall, go do whatever the heck you want to in order to decorate your life beautifully for YOU and those around you to enjoy!  Trust me all your friends and family will take notice of this new, more joyful and peaceful you as you decorate your life (not just your dining table).  

Remember:  if, when, and how much we change is up to starts with the heart; decorate with love.  Get with Jesus cause He’s the only one that can help you.  Then decorate that beautiful body you’ve been given by actually taking care of that’s a novel idea.  

If you’re still not sure how to embrace a decorated lifestyle then stick with me. I’ll be giving loads of decorating tips in the weeks to come.  

How will you be decorating your life/home/family/job this season......share below....we’d all love to hear.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and join the fun on IGTV....I’m having a ball over there.  

Love y’all,




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