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What do I mean...Live Decorated

A life well Decorated is a life well lived. 

This life decorating business I speak of isn’t always easy or black and white but it’s simple and begins with a decision to think about each moment ... IN the actual moment.   

Ask yourself tough questions:

Am I living my fullest life? 

Am I truly present? 

How should I bless someone?

Am I making myself available to new experiences and relationships?  

How can I get uncomfortable doing something outside my safety zone? 

Am I open to loving anyone just as they are without judgement or criticism? 

How is your life Decorated at present?    

How do you feel about the level of beauty manifesting in your life now?

It’s not too late to make adjustments.

To give you a taste of my recent adventuring:

I’m currently taking care of my dear friends four little kids as she travels for business this week.  I’m striving to be in every moment attentive, kind and patient.  To give them the level of me that I would want my kids to get if the roles were reversed. 

I’m taking pool breaks, feeding them, setting reading sessions and cinnamon toast making lessons.  I’m giving them my focused attention while still giving myself time for work during their allotted gaming play time.  I’m running this show like a well oiled machine and everyone wins. 

My story is unfolding, being divinely decorated as I go.....I can prove it. 

There is one way in particular I’m decorating life ... being open and sensitive to new relationships and opportunities to love and grow in a deeper way.  

For example.....

Three women stand out to me during my recently decorated chapter.....the first is an artist, musician, hairdresser, business woman, mom, Jesus freak.....she’s double time amazing and the reasons of our being brought together is only now unfolding!!!  The other is a strong minded, big vision kinda gal with tons of irons in the fire and way sold out for Jesus.  I happened to stalk this kind, unassuming soul until she finally broke and I got a reluctant yet graceful face to face.  Both of these special ladies have oodles of creativity and a great design eye in common ... as well as being super fun!  

God also brought this other special lady to me...she’s a brilliant actress, international speaker and Hollywood Insider exposing lies and dangers of current pop culture. She inspires me to reach farther, expect more, dive in and love hard.  I’ll never be the same since she’s come into my life.

My world has already been rocked by these three over the top human beings.  Thanks God for all that....You never know what He can do because of our openness and willingness to explore His perfect will.  

This is all a giant faith walk and when people come into your life pray for might be an integral part of major transformation in their lives. One word, one random act of kindness can forever change a heart. 

Another angle of life is my home.

I’m also mid-decorating process at the moment and will most likely be doing just that until Jesus comes home ... my style changes as the wind blows.  Today the second half of our living room sectional came in and boy howdy mama’s happy!  It finally feels like things are coming together.  A chair, some tables, giant art, curtains and decor bits and we’ll call it a day.

Did you know we started with nothing just a couple months ago? From a cornfield in Iowa to nearly a year living on the road looking for home to our here and now in Nashville. 

We’ve been riding a roller coaster of shopping, budgeting, waiting for the right piece, fixing, painting, repurposing and even reselling at times since my style changes with each passing moment. For example, the perfect chair I had to have last week suddenly isn’t right sitting on the new vibrant, brightly colored rug arrived on the scene.   

Overall, we’ve seen

Shifts and changes.

Modifications and edits.

I will make, create, and/or discover something beautiful around every corner. 

I must live decorated....this is my calling.

So many facets to figure, angles to see, corners to fill in and all of this without formal design training or education.  It’s a feel.  I get a strange sense of being led as I make design decisions and create pretty spaces for a client or friend.  Colors, fixtures, finishes, metals, floors, lamps, furnishings, accessories, art, etc.  I know God is in everything.  He’s given me such a I’m ignited when given the challenge of designing a space which I know can be the catalyst in changing someone’s life ... on the realz. (Do people say that anymore?)

Life can take a turn for the better instantly with one phone call, email, head nod, kind act, generous gift, or shake of the hand.  You can be that difference. For me, I am that for some people.  I care enough to step love and accept.

I certainly make loads of mistakes and I’m not afraid to say when I’m wrong or I missed something, but for the most part I think my design is on point...not because I’m all that good or anything but because I follow the lead of a God who sees all and knows all.  

He is the ultimate Designer and I’m honored and humbled to be co-creating with Him as we make this life beautifully amazing for anyone who wants to join the journey ... or enter into this funky neighborhood of uniquely crafted people with differences worth celebrating.  You’re one of those folks...near and dear to my heart.  I feel like I’m going through this life with so many of you....sharing my heart and soul without embarrassment or shame.  

Wow, you’re awesome! Thanks for being a listening ear! 

Hey, thanks for joining the journey and I hope you’re keeping up with the IGTV show as it shifts and changes with the new season.  We’re talking about being good neighbors.  Anything is possible and we’re only just at the beginning...overcoming the feeling that I’ve been beginning for 7 years!

My life is but a breath, a vapor.  I hope I use it well and give God all the glory as I beautify the world around me.  #LiveDecorated 

Love y’all,




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