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What do you do for protection?

The last couple weeks have been glorious, challenging, hope-filled, grace-laced and awe’s a new year. The juices are still flowing. Energy flying high. Anything is still possible.

I honestly want to change help bring people up out of the dark pit, over that mountain, through the sharing compassion, bringing understanding, offering encouragement, pouring out love and even attempting humor in the name of Living Decorated. The best way to drive a point home? Stories.

I’ve spent the last few days here at my sister’s house in San Antonio refueling, reconnecting, reflecting, and learning. During an in-depth conversation, she confirmed what I’ve always known and rarely admit....stories are a necessary component of a successful video, speech, sales pitch, Facebook live, insta get the gist....stories are king. What’s my problem with this little known fact? My memory isnt as impressive as I’d like it to be. No really, we’re talking faces, names, details, adventures, school, travel, work, and even kids. Most of my life is the to speak....lost to the deep well of nothingness once compiled of my memories. Friends.....I have been presented with photos I can’t recall not only the activity in question but the strangers I have wrapped in my recollection. My children’s baby years....most if it....gone. How can I affect the world for change if my once powerful stories have vanished.....swallowed by the dark cloud of forgetfulness?

Well, they’re not all lost.....and my sister is right, I can just ask God to remind me. So I did. I asked God to bring a topic to mind then a story to make it more impactful. One came.

I’ll share a story I recall about protection....two actually.

The first one, isn’t actually a memory but a story retold to me so many times I feel like it’s a movie playing in my head.... I was about sister, 3 (this is all a guess) dad was flying down the highway at wild, unlawful speeds in his ‘69 Callenger on one of our many road trips with him as little girls. You know back in those days we were lucky to be wearing seat belts (never) and most likely to be resting in dad’s lap or laying down in the back seat. Well, low and behold he looked over just in time to see the foot of my sister flying out the window. In a split second....faster than he could slam on the breaks it was as if an angel pushed her back in the car....and she was saved. He pulled the car over, shaking from the shock, and began bawling tears of awe and gratitude....the impossible made sister and I oblivious to the impending danger and the miracle we witnessed.

My second story of God’s protection; my son had broken one of the stained glass windows in our 100+ year old home, right above their beds. Glass was everywhere. It was was below freezing the night that ball flew through our window at bedtime. Cardboard, duct tape, prayer and extra blankets got us through that night. A few days later we finally found a professional that could replace the small section of the fancy, second story stained glass window of our rental home. The miracle didn’t occur until about 2 weeks after the accident. I went to step right in between the boys’ twin beds (where surely hundreds of footprints lie) and as my foot was nearing the floor I stopped in my tracks. Looking down I found a four inch long dagger of glass standing nearly straight up about to slice right through my foot bones.....miracle. It was a miracle NO ONE found that glass before that moment.

I can give countless recounts of protection over the course of a couple decades. Riots, dangerous motorcycle rides, getting lost in strange corners of the globe, falling in the ocean from a kayak (in dangerous waters), and I’m sure, countless other mini miracles, if only I could remember:) I take protection, as well as several other important topics, very seriously, so in true Blu fashion, I pray often for a hedge of protection around my family, our bodies, our minds, relationships, and even possessions. (Psalm 91 is the best, most consise way to pray protection over you and yours.)

Your turn. Since I don’t have many accounts of, well, anything, I’d love to hear your story of protection......(or any miraculous experience) that is, if you have one you’d like to share. Comment below, tweet, shoot an email, DM, IM, or even lick a stamp.....we’d love to be inspired by your first hand miraclesamd stories of inspiration.

Much love and hugs,



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