• Blu Wyatt

What’s your outlook?

I’m not a negative person.  In fact I like to look at the bright side of things.  However, as I reached for my iPad to start a blog post I reached for more than technology....I grappled for the right words....heck, any words! 

Rather than speaking negativity.....I will tell you this, in fact, is an opportunity to grow.  Wisdom comes to me as I type.  Encouraging, inspiring, motivating words spew from my head onto this page.  

I must write.....even if a writer I am not.  I declare words flow from me freely as I spark some sort of hope in you....the one on the end of this line. 

Here’s the heavy sauce:  Your life is as lovely as you make of it.  You’re responsible for your life....the actions you take...the choices you make will set your course.  Nose up or nose down....which way are you facing?   What‘s your outlook?

Treat each moment as a gift...because it is.  Each breath.  You’re called to do great things.  To be great.  

Will you rise to meet the call?  I ask myself this question.  

Am I stretching myself?  

Am I using my gifts to the fullest potential?  

I hope....but I wonder. 

I’m choosing to enjoy life.  I spent too many years grumbling and depressed.  Now my outlook is set on things above.  I find getting out of my own head and praying for others or serving others is a good remedy for selfishness and sorrow.  We all walkthrough fire.  Well, most do I’d say.  And it’s how we handle the stress of those times that determines how we grow and what we’ll do with the lessons we learn in the heat of it all. 

My story is a powerful one.....Am I using this story to help others move through the darkness?  I think there’s more I haven’t yet uncovered in the realm of potential. What about you? Are you maxing out YOUR potential?

Before I go, let me shine a light into the inner workings of my life, in case you found yourself wondering. 

It just so happens that I’m redoing the living room.....again.  I’ve moved the couches and made room for a chair or two. Or a piano. Or a bench or a side board.....or just empty space. Time will tell.  It might be different by breakfast. 

I also painted an old settee that I recreated.....check out the YouTube video here. 

Oh, yeah, I got a new kitty. 

Joy is her name.  She sleeps with me and tries to play with my big kitty, Spirit.  It’s a comical time in our house. 

We’re currently exploring Tennessee on a glamping weekend getaway at Burgess Falls.  I thought I’d take a second and jot these things into space for all to off to hiking the falls.

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Love y’all mucho mas!  



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