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Words...when will they come?

Confession time:

Words aren’t my thing.  

Yep...there I’ve admitted it.  It’s not so much the words that escape me, it’s more my brain that won’t find the right words to place into proper position to articulate coherent thoughts.  See....I don’t even know if that sentence followed the rules of the English language.  I’m usually left wondering. 


Eleven head injuries and a two time fractured skull might have jostled my brain more than once perceived.  It’s no big thing I’m just finding that words like ‘oil change’ will never substitute for ‘cantaloupe’....or ‘investigator’ for ‘tshirt’. Not exactly normal.  I sometimes find myself in an embarrassing moment like the time I told the checkout guy at target to just put it in the ‘garage’.  Clearly I meant ‘bag’.....awkward. 

Why have a blog if all this is true? Why blog if I’m not a writer?  Why speak of words get jumbled?

The answer is pretty easy.....I love helping others to decorate their lives.  I’ve been through some wild things which left me with PTSD as well as anxiety, bipolar, OCD and ADHD.  If I can decorate my life and help others along the journey, my friend, so can you.

God can use any and every one of us to help others and love on the people He’s places around us. 

No matter the season, we can decorate life.  

Give grace: 

Sometimes without a familiar translator, one who understands my quirks, I look a bit like a lost child....or a bit like a lunatic.  It’s not something I can hide for long.  There’s obviously some misfiring goin’ down in my brain space.  So consider this my PSA.....tread carefully while carrying on a conversation in my presence.  Just give grace to people that may not seem on your level of intellect.  

Folks new to this adventure should just know the truth and even possibly lower all expectations .... other than the fact that I’ll take you with me on a wild ride as we navigate the mysterious waters of Nashville living and trusting God through the entire process......that’s where the real adventure begins.

Life update:

Now that all that’s been said let me update you on the world of Blu.  

New house. 

New neighbors.  

New friends.  

New life.  

New everything.  

Well, that’s not all true.  I have a load of Grandmas keepsakes including never before used gold (stainless steel) utensils, brooches, vintage plates, a fancy crystal decanter as well as rocks and sand I’ve collected from all over the world.  A few things made the cut when we were selling and giving everything last July. Wow......Has it been nearly a year?!?

Now here’s a new portion of the post....the practical decor tips on how to live a more decorated life....

Living Decorating tip: 

Don’t be afraid to mix your metals.  If you have nickel for your fixtures it’s ok to have gold accents in the room.  And gold is really hot right now!  Gone are the days when your accessories had to match all your metal fixtures.  

The world of design is far more individualized and curated than years passed.  Each home expressing a unique style personality.  I love a beautiful gold tray to house all my jewelry or perfume.  I’ve just added gold measuring cups and spoons and grandmas gold plated utensils for a little surprise when I open the kitchen drawer.  

I also love sterling silver platters for serving on as well as corralling miscellaneous treasures making the lonely little bits feel like one weighty, important piece.  Same thought with a gallery wall.  I’ll have to go into that one another time.

That’s all for decorated as we always strive to do, through the good and the bad, ups and downs, highs and lows, and victories as well as failures we can always choose to find beauty in the moment.  There is always something to be grateful for so get to journaling and spread some joy.  



For more pics and vids join my instagram’s the most fun in my heart right now.



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