• Blu Wyatt

Yep...finally got a fresh boob job

It’s such a strange day to start a blog post when I haven’t posted in months! 

I feel like I’ve drifted away from you and I don’t know how to get back to shore to visit.... to say hi ..... to be friends! 

Staring at my cat, Spirit, lounging carelessly on the rug at my feet.  He stands, stretches, sits, repositions himself.  I call out.....he ignores me.  Cat. 

I’m taking in this ‘middle of the night’ silence and solitude.  I no longer take these precious moments for granted.....  I’ll admit I don’t always know what to do with it.....this silence.  My thoughts ping pong in scattered formation most times.  I try to shush the noise of thought even.  In order to hear, you have to listen.  So I force myself to stop praying, talking, thinking....and I just purposefully listen.   It is taking practice. 

In other news:

I’m studying to get my real estate license. Fo realz!  All I gotta say is.....lots of words!  Lots of necessary to know information pouring into my brain space.  But last night I passed the 60 hour course ….now I can take my big exam then just 30 more hours.  Whew!!!

I declare my brain is like a sponge.  My attention span is growing by faith.  My brain capacity is stretching moment by moment. I’m walking this out with an open mind and heart.  I can do this! 

I also declare and receive healing for my body.  

You may or may not know I had surgery about 3 weeks ago.  In case you’re wondering and you haven’t been following my Instagram or FB, I had a boob job.  It feels SO strange to actually type that writing.  Yes......20 years ago I had one to try to repair a birth deformity that gave me a C on one side and -A on the other,...that’s right, a negative chest is literally caved in and it’s NO fun living with that kinda defect!  So I had to get them reworked and lemme just say....I love love love my doctor and their whole team....checkout my yelp review I gave Dr. Moore and Cool Springs Plastic Surgery in Brentwood, ever!  

Anyway, I’m recovering quite nicely.  Been moving furniture in and out of rooms since we got our floors replaced in our master and one other bedroom.  PERFECTION!!!  I’m sure lifting beds and heavy dressers wasn’t on the doctor’s list of acceptable activities.

Well I really just wanted to check in and share some pics of the past few weeks. So here ya have it.  If I wait for this blog post to be GOOD or even mediocre I’d have to spend more time, of which I don’t have.  SO here’s me.  LOVE y’all…….



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